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Our Philosophy

At Complete Denture Care, our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional denture care, through state of the art procedures delivered by our caring dedicated staff. We are committed to being there for our patients before, during and after treatment. Quality, integrity, and patient dedication is the key to our success

We understand that the thought of dentures may seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. At our denture clinic, we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, friendly environment to ensure the experience is a positive one. By listening to your individual needs, our denture specialist, Mr George Kotsifakis, will inform you of all the treatment options available and guide you through each stage of the process, leading to optimal results.

Our range of denture solutions include full dentures, partial dentures including acrylic partial dentures and metal partial dentures as well as flexible nylon dentures which are ideal for patients who are seeking a metal-free denture option.

In addition, we can provide immediate dentures that are fabricated before some or all remaining teeth need to be removed.

If you are unsatisfied with your existing dentures, or would like to discuss if dentures are a suitable option for you, then contact our denture clinic today to arrange a free, no obligation appointment with our dental prosthetist.

Denture Repairs and Denture Relines

Did you know that Complete Denture Care also offers denture repairs and an emergency denture repair service? Find out more about or fast denture repairs at our Wantirna Denture Clinic.

If you already have dentures and your existing dentures become loose or ill-fitting over time, then they may require a denture reline. Relines restore the fitting surface of your old dentures and adapt them more closely to your gums.

If you want to find out more about what it will be like to wear false teeth and how to care for dentures you will find some quick and easy answers to some of our more commonly asked questions at Complete Denture Care.

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