Denture Repairs, Relines & Additions

Your dentures are an investment, and just like natural teeth, dentures require regular care and attention to help maintain their appearance and function. We recommend having a review appointment with our prosthetist every 1 -2 years to ensure the longevity of your denture.

We understand that people depend on their dentures on a daily basis. If you are experiencing any discomfort or your denture is loose or broken, you will be pleased to know we offer an emergency denture repair/reline and maintenance service across Melbourne.

Our emergency denture repair service can often be done within the hour depending on the degree of difficulty and our workload. We do our best to save you the inconvenience of going without your teeth any longer than you need to. The problem of ill fitting or loose dentures can often be resolved with our same day reline service, which restores the fitting surface of your denture. Additional teeth and/or clasps can be added onto an existing partial denture in cases where patients have lost more teeth or require natural teeth to be removed.

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