Denture Relines

Because our mouths and gums are in a constant state of change, especially when tooth loss has occurred, it is not uncommon for your dentures to become loose or ill-fitting over time.

Relines restore the fitting surface of your old dentures and adapt them more closely to your gums. This can help stabilise the denture and improve suction, as well as fill in areas that trap food particles. In most cases, lower dentures will require a reline every 2 to 3 years due to the loss of bone which naturally occurs over time.

Relines can be performed on the same day at Complete Denture Care Wantirna, by creating a mould using your existing denture, obtaining a precise impression of your gums. When the denture is returned, the result is an accurate fit, much like a brand new denture.


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Denture Relines FAQs

If your dentures no longer fit as well as they once did, you may require what is known as a denture reline. Denture Relines restore the fitting surface of your old dentures and adapt them more closely to your gums. Lower gums generally change every couple of years resulting in full lower dentures needing to be relined.

Eventually and over time, your dentures will lose their fit and won’t be as tight as they once were. When this begins to happen, you will notice they become looser and food starts to collects underneath. This is when you’ll need a denture clinic and denture specialist to reline your false teeth. A Denture reline, is when an experienced dental technician or dental prosthetist realigns the base of the dentures to refit the gums. This can be done by adding a layer of material to the base

For partial dentures, a reline can usually be done within the same day, which means you don’t have to go with the embarrassment of not having dentures in. For complete upper and lower dentures, it can take up to 24 hrs, as our denture technicians usually heat cure the acrylic material for a more accurate fit. This not only allows for a comfortable fit, but it also eliminates the amount of chemicals that are expelled from the acrylic. The time taken to reline your dentures means they can be carefully assessed and worked on for the patients best possible outcome.

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