Denture Repairs

Even dentures made of the best materials may require the occasional repair, due to the wear and tear they endure every day, or if they are broken after being dropped. At Complete Denture Care Wantirna, we offer an emergency denture repair service that can often be done within the hour, depending on the degree of difficulty and our workload. We do our best to save you the inconvenience of going without your teeth any longer than you need to.

It is especially important to avoid DIY false teeth repairs (superglue, etc.), as this may render the denture irreparable, or make it difficult for our technicians to perform accurate repairs to the denture.


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Denture Repairs FAQs

You can seriously damage your dentures and harm your health by trying to adjust or repair your dentures.

If you have broken your denture do not attempt to put it together with any adhesives. Having your denture repaired by a denture specialist ensures that there will be no further damage done.

At Complete Denture Care you can have peace of mind that a certified denture technician will be working with your denture. At Complete Denture Care in Wantirna, we’ll do our best to save you the inconvenience of going without your teeth any longer than you need to. We offer both denture repair and emergency denture repair services that can often be done within the hour!

There are many reasons why you may need a denture repair. The most common reason is that the denture may have been accidentally dropped or damaged. Sometimes it’s simply the age of the denture. Unfortunately, the older the denture gets, the more prone it is to require a denture repair. The fit may also become looser over time from chewing food and mouth changes. Other reasons that lead to denture repairs include heavy grinding or clenching.

If a small crack appears in a denture, most people may think a denture repair is not necessary. However, the fact is that a denture repair is very much necessary! This is because the small crack may indicate progressive damage and a small crack now may lead to a broken false tooth tomorrow. For this reason, denture repairs are important and delaying denture repairs will not only cause more damage to the denture but also to the wearer.

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